May 29, 2024


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How to Raise a Girl’s Interest Levels in You – Here is Something No One Will Ever Share With You

Have you ever wondered how one can really become the ultimate chick magnet and get any girl to like him? You see getting a girl to like you is a skill which can be easily mastered just like any other skill. The reason why most guys struggle with women is simply due to the fact that they don’t even know that such skills exist. Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing tips on how to raise a girl’s interest levels in you……..

Don’t act all impressed even if she is stunningly good looking- You see the trick here is to let her impress you instead of trying to impress her. A lot of guys out there tend to act highly impressed if a girl is good looking which instantly gives the girl the impression that this guy is an easy catch and she feels somewhat higher in comparison to you. Always try to act normal and not too impressed even when she is too good looking.

Never answer all her questions- When you tell her too much too early her interest levels in you automatically go down since now there is just nothing much to know anyway. You will always see her interest levels rise in you when you don’t answer all her questions directly. Try to answer her question with a question and you would see instant change in her.

Make her work hard all the time- Now this is the most important key factor if you really want a girl to like you. You must never be someone easy to deal with and you should always try to make her work hard for your attention no matter what. The harder she has to work the more she will seem to like you since you are not like the rest and it’s common human psychology that when we stumble upon something which is not easy to get we try harder to pursue it.