May 20, 2024


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Digital Scrapbooking – 3 Great Reasons to Start Today!

If you’re a scrapbooker, you owe it to your craft to try digital scrapbooking!

It’s an easy way to expand and enhance your creativity in new and exciting ways. Some traditional scrapbookers are hesitant to “go digital” because it seems so different from what they’re used to.

But don’t fear – scrapbooking digitally, while it might take a little extra time to learn, is well worth the minimal effort. Plus, it’s not as if you have to become an expert digital scrapbooker overnight. Start small by making a simple, small digital photo album, then work your way up to a full-fledged storybook.

1. Saves you time. In the long run, once you learn it, digital scrapbooking will be a great timesaver. You can turn out wonderful looking keepsakes in no time – keepsakes that you’ll be proud to share. And when you do share them, you can email links to your photo creations.

The beauty of digital scrapbooking is that all the resources you need are at your fingertips – literally. And if you want to scan in a special design, poem, writing style or any other embellishment, you can. Then, what you’ve scanned will available to use again and again.

2. Saves you money. Of course, you love paper, scissors and glue scrapbooking. But all three cost money – especially the paper embellishments and albums. And of course, you are just brimming over with creativity, which can also get expensive when you try to bring all your ideas to life.

With digital scrapbooking, all you need is your computer, your photos, some artwork to scan, backgrounds and layouts to work with … and voila, you can have a lovely keepsake for a fraction of the cost! And when you consider the money you’ll save on gas driving to and from the crafts stores – well, that alone may make it worth your while to learn how to scrapbook digitally.

3. You can scrapbook more. Combine Nos. 1 and 2 above and you get to scrapbook more than you ever thought possible! Rather than spending hours on just one paper and scissors scrapbook that has to accommodate a whole vacation’s worth of photos, you can create individual scrapbooks for each person who went on the vacation with you!

Rather than spend time driving from store to store looking for materials, you can simply upload your photos, scan in your embellishments and quickly create a thing of beauty you and others will cherish for a lifetime.

Of course, digital scrapbooking will never replace traditional scrapbooking. No one would want that to happen. The beautiful scrapbooks you create with your own two hands are special, unique and hold an enormous amount of value.

But digital scrapbooking does have its place in the scrapbooking world. And as you learn new techniques and tricks digitally, that’s sure to spark your creativity with your traditional scrapbooking.

So go ahead – give digital scrapbooking a try today. And get ready to be surprised by all the fun you’re going to have!