July 20, 2024


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Caruso’s Vocal Exercises – Will They Make You Sing Like Caruso?

Will Caruso’s vocal exercises help you to sing like Caruso or at least if not like Caruso will they help? The exercises in themselves are very good however any set of exercises can be helpful or detrimental. It is how you do the exercises rather than what exercises you do that counts. There are well known exercises by Vaccai, Panofka, Marchesi, Caruso, Estelle Liebling to name but a few of the many books on the market and once again, they are all good or detrimental depending on how you do them.

Warm up exercises must be geared to the individuals specific needs and not arbitrarily chosen. Many singers believe that by doing a series of exercises they will extend their register and if they practice them daily they will gain a good technique. False.

They may extend their register but no one may wish to hear those notes because they may be forced and strident. A routine of exercises may warm up the voice, extend the extremities of the voice, unify the registers and the tone quality, teach you to make a legato line and much more but they can also do just the opposite: fatigue the voice, create extremities of the voice that no one would wish to hear anyway and eventually form vocal nodules on the vocal cords. Perhaps now it is more clear that it is not what exercises one does rather, how one does them that counts. It is possible to sing Caruso’s exercises and develop vocal nodules or sing them and become a good singer.