July 20, 2024


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Boost Your Creativity Through Practicing Tantra

What does creativity have to do with Tantra? Tantra is a practice that connects us with our inherent creative energy by bringing awareness to our energetic body. There is a current that runs through us all the time and we can use it to fuel all facets of our life. Let’s look a little deeper into this concept.

Ancient yogis used the term ‘Kundalini’ or ‘life force’ to describe the energy that flows through us. This energy is with us from the moment we are conceived until the time we leave this planet. It is inherently creative in nature since it literally creates life! The very act of conceiving a baby is creative. None of us would be here on this planet, reading this article, without this life-giving energy. Sexual energy, therefore, is life force energy. And through tantric practice we get to learn how to access our life force sexual energy, the essence of life, to imbue every aspect of ourselves.

There are two dimensions to sexual life force energy:

Dimension 1
The first dimension is the creative spark that fuels and sustains us through our entire life.

Dimension 2
The second dimension is pleasure that is built into sexual energy.

Stifling creative energy

Now, what happens when sexual energy is stifled or constricted? We lose access to our creative Self. This is what has been happening over the millennia – the shaming, guilting and making wrong of sexuality that results in being disconnected from a vital force within us.

We are seeing the results of this suppression today through the breakdown of our relationships as it shows up in the Catholic Church, for example, or thorough the #MeToo movement. When sexual energy is repressed, it tends to come out “sideways” in an unhealthy way such as through sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. From a young age people are told, “Don’t go to your sexual energy. Don’t touch yourself. Wait until you are married.” As if suddenly the sexual energy will become available to you then.

Setting your creative self free

The reality is that your sexual energy has always been available to you from the moment you were born. We can feel very pleasurable as babies and children. The simple act of playing can be pleasurable, or even the gentle breeze blowing on your skin. All of this is considered in the range of sexual energy and sensing. But very few people have grown up in an environment that teaches sexual energy as a healthy, beautiful expression of self. Most people do not know how to have a healthy relationship with their sexual life force energy which is why all the breakdowns are occurring.

I remember that my dad called me a whore the first time I had intercourse at the age of 18. While I did not agree with him I was left with a sense of shame and feeling diminished as a woman. It took lots of self-discovery and work to reconnect with my life force energy so that I could learn to imbue my whole life – my health, my well-being, my work – with that wonderful creative essence.

Once I had access again to my creative energy I was able to get clear on what I wanted to dedicate my life to and what I had come for to do on this planet in the first place. Up until that point I had pursued a couple of different careers but not felt passion until I had done my own healing of my sexual wounding and had set myself free. Becoming a Tantra teacher was then the natural expression of my creative spark.

Once sexual life force energy is set free, we can use it to connect to and heal our body, heart and spirit. Then, we can channel this life giving energy throughout our physical and energetic body into our life’s pursuits.

If you would like to learn more about how to access and channel your creative life force energy, go to TantraNova.com.