July 13, 2024


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Book Review of Creative Visualization

Book Review of Creative Visualization

I have on my bookcase an old book with yellowed pages, which I have always struggled to get beyond the first few chapters. I was put off my the words “Inner Guides” and some of the early illustrations, however on this occasion I persisted and completed the book finding it both interesting and informative. They say don’t judge a book by the cover! Or perhaps the fist few pages.

I have just Googled the title to find a new edition is available if you are interested in creative visualization and how it can help you. I will give you a brief idea of areas the book covers.

There is a selection on using visualization in business and how it can enhance decision-making. How to become more efficient by concentrating on the job in hand and not worrying about other things. Also how visualization can help you improve various skills. One of the skills considered is selling, another improving relationships both in the workplace and outside. The book demonstrates how these improvements can be transferred into other situations.

Something we can probably benefit from is improving our memory.

There is a section on improving short and long-term memory plus recall, with a brief description on how to use these methods. Other books are recommended to fully illustrate the techniques. There are illustrations of mind-maps which are also discussed, with reasons why they aid memory and recall.

You will also find a section on visualization for improving health and how creative visualization can be used in almost any area of your life. For example improving your sports techniques. Improving confidence, or overcoming shyness; breaking down barriers that are delaying your progress when attempting to achieve goals and many other ways of benefiting from its power.

I use visualisation all the time it has helped me get a place in college, by passing exams fast; it has helped me to find property and find a way to buy and renovate it,also at work, to improve my selling techniques. Another instance was enabling me to set up an online business which was one of my goals I had toyed at for years. If you are looking to change any area of your life and you don’t yet use visualization the book could teach you how to use this technique and could help you.

So to summarise, the power of creative visualization can be used to improve many areas of your life. It can be used in business, or sport to enhance your performance; in achieving goals, improving energy levels, coping with pain, improving health, and overcoming shyness. In fact the methods described can help you in virtually any area. You will also find a list of further reading. So whatever your goals I would recommend reading this book.

“Creative Visualization” by Ronald Shone