September 26, 2022

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All About St. Matthew and The Angel by Rembrandt

Title of Artwork: “St. Matthew and The Angel”

Artwork by Rembrandt

Yr Produced 1661

Summary of St. Matthew and The Angel

The Dutch scenery artist Rembrandt painted St. Matthew with the Angel in oil on canvas about the yr 1661. This picture is a notable example of Dutch Golden Age artwork, and it may be discovered in the Louvre.

All About St. Matthew and The Angel

The Dutch art historian Hofstede de Groot documented this photo in 1914.

He is reading a e book at a desk in the back again, wanting off into the horizon with deep assumed. He is slanted to the correct and sporting a brightly hued headgear. His scruffy beard is remaining tended to with his left hand although he rests a pen in his suitable.

A lengthy, slack robe of a chestnut brown color drapes over him. Angel with flowing, white hair appears at the rear of the evangelist from the remaining, spots his appropriate hand on his shoulder, and begins to converse. Measurement and proportions of one 50 % of a human getting. Cf. 172 and 174-5. Canvas, 38 by 32 inches with the signature “Rembrandt f. 1661″ in the leading ideal corner. The operates of Vosmaer (pp. 361, 562), Bode (pp. 523, 594), Dutuit (p. 35), and Michel (pp. Claessens’s etching is housed in the Musée Francais, whilst Oortman’s is in the Musée Napoléon each are revealed in Filhol (viii.509) and Landon (ii.57). Shown as No. 2538 in the Louvre’s 1907 catalogue.”

Rembrandt’s composition with the angel serving as a helper was inspired by an previously portray by Frans Hals.

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