July 20, 2024


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9 Reasons To Go To San Francisco

“I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill, it calls to me to be where little cable cars, climb halfway to the stars. The morning fog may chill the air, I don’t care!”

California is a place many people are dreaming of. It has its own very special mythical aura that attracts thousands of people from other states and all over the world. Some folks move to the shiny hills of Los Angeles to find their way to stardom, some dream about the life in San Diego. And one of the all-favorite Cali cities is, without a doubt, San Francisco. So what are the reasons San Fran, as many call it, is such a popular place thousands of people dream of?

1. It’s artsy

Since the very sixties and the boom of hippy culture, San Francisco is known for love of everything creative and generally different. You can feel it in the very air, it’s the whole vibe of the city that inspires you to be a free spirit and try to create something unique.

2. It’s gay-friendly

Even now, when gay marriages are legalized all around the United States, San Fran is still the ‘gayest’ city there is. Free spirits require free love and San Francisco will probably always be the perfect place to get it.

3. Fog

Every morning is foggy in San Fran. Fog’s name is Karl and he has an Instagram account (for real!) And when you live here, you’ll get to know Karl really closely!

4. San Francisco burritos

They call them Mission-style burritos. And they’re bigger than usual ones.

5. Golden Gate

Golden Gate must be the most famous bridge in the world. Living in San Francisco, you can visit Golden Gate any time you want. And it’s not the only touristic spot even locals love. Some places like Alcatraz and the Buena Vista Café are so great even San Franciscans visit them frequently.

6. Silicon Valley

The land of young, smart and successful. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg?

7. Oakland

The prices in San Francisco, especially rent, can be really high due to the reason #6. But you can always come to live in Oakland. It’s cheaper and still feels like a part of San Fran. And it’s just 15 minutes away on BART!

8. That strange weather

Some might not like microclimate. But just think about it for a moment! When it seems too cold, it can be hot somewhere else in the city. Just go there and enjoy!

9. Nature

Parks and beaches, the beauty of the bay… Any nature lover will find San Francisco amazing.